Currently, there are two principals.
They are;
Terry O’Bright
President and Chief Executive Officer
Born in Toronto, Canada. Terry got his start in the entertainment business working with famed Music Producer Terry Brown. He studied Civil Engineering, but enjoyed the creative side of mixing sound. He was hired by Sounds Interchange – a large Recording Studio in Toronto. Terry moved to Los Angeles in 1988 and worked at EFX Systems where he honed his craft. He has worked for many of the top entertainment companies including Disney. Terry founded his own company with friend and business partner, Keith Rogers.  Currently, Terry is working with Sony studios and is enjoying continued success. Terry has one son, Braden.

Jeff Southern
Chief Operations Officer
Jeff hosts a long career in the field of Financial Services Information Technology.  Jeff has managed large to complex business and technology initiatives for prestigious industry-leading global firms. While leveraging his solid foundation and commitment to mature technology strategies, Jeff believes that building and maintaining effective relationships through appropriate social media strategies will drive overall success and growth for our members and guests of Pilot T.V.  Jeff is the proud father of son, Michael, and daughter, Amy.

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