Frequently Asked Questions

Pilot TV Roku

1. Log in to (sign in with your username and password. If you can’t log in, let me know and I’ll change your password)
2. After you are logged in, please go to (On this page, you will see the Roku activation code box and below that you will see the password for
platinum members for the platinum member folder on Pilot TV Roku Channel)
3. Go to Pilot TV Roku Channel. If you get the 4 digit code that pops up, it means you have to activate the channel with the site. You can type in this code on the                                page but it’s very important that you are logged in to on the site to see this. Once the code is in, you will see a congratulations on your Pilot TV Roku channel.
4. After you are now logged in everywhere, you will select the Platinum members folder on Pilot TV Roku channel and will enter the password that is displayed on Once again, you will only see this password if you are logged in to

If none of this works please call me

It sounds like a lot of stuff, but it’s not. The key to everything is being logged in to to get the ball rolling.

Change Pilot TV Membership

Here’s what you do. When you log in to on your computer. Up in the top right of your browser, it will say Welcome to Pilot TV, “your username” Hover your mouse over that and Edit my profile will appear. At this point you should be able to change your membership status. Usually this is only allowed when your current status is expired. Let me know and I can expire it for you sooner.

Expired Subscription

Once a week, if your Roku says, “Subscription Expired” Please let us know. The reason for this is to allow weekly Bronze Members to view the site before becoming a paid member. This is all done automatically and assures protection of our content. You will be given a code that you need to put in to Make sure you are signed into

Additional Roku Boxes

As a member you can add as many Roku boxes as you like. By default, Pilot TV automatically adds one to your account. If your require more, please let us know and we’ll add them.

Cancel Membership

By default, your paid membership is auto recurring. There are two ways to stop payment. One is you cancel through the method you paid with, when you first started using (ie. Cancel PayPal Payments. Second is under the top right of your Browser when you are logged into, hover the cursor over your Pilot TV Screen name. Now click Edit My Profile. Scrolldown to Cancel my Membership, that will discontinue AutoPay.

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