333 Montgomery (unsold)
Acting Sheriff (unsold)
Addams Family
Admiral Broadway Revue
Alarm 1 (unsold)
Alarm 2 (unsold)
Adventures in Babysitting
Adventures of Ellery Queen
Adventures of Jim Bowie
Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
Adventures of Rick O’Shea (unsold)
Adventures of Rin Tin Tin
Adventures of Robin Hood
Adventures of Superman
African Queen (unsold)
Alan King Show (unsold)
Alexander The Great (unsold)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Alias Smith & Jones
Al Haddon’s Lamp (unsold)
Allison Sydney (unsold)
A Man’s World
Amos and Andy
Andy Griffith Show
Archie (unsold)
Armchair Detective
Armstrong Circle Theatre
Arthur Godfrey and his Friends
Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts
Arthur Murray Show
B.A.D. Cats
Badge 714 (Dragnet)
Barbary Coast
Barnaby Jones
Barney Miller
Batgirl (unsold)
Bat Masterson
Beat the Clock
Ben Casey
Betty Hutton Show
Beverly Hillbillies
Big Big Foot Wallace (unsold)
Big John Little John
Bill Cosby Show
Birthright (unsold)
Blue Angels
Blue Knight
Blue Light
Bob Cummings Show
Boyden vs. Bunty
Brave Eagle
Brock Callahan (unsold)
Broken Arrow
Brothers Brannigan
Bunco (unsold)
Burke’s Law
Bus Stop
Caballero (unsold)
Calvin and the Colonel
Candid Camera
Captain Nice
Car 54 Where Are You?
Carsons Cellar
Cavalcade of America
Cavalcade of Stars
Cavalry Command (unsold)
Chance of a Lifetime
Charlie Paradise (unsold)
Check It Out
Chicago 212 (unsold)
Circus Boy
Close Encounters
Coke Time
Colgate Comedy Hour
Commando Cody
Cool and Lam (unsold)
Cool Million
Coronado 9
Coronet Blue
Court of Last Resort
Cowboy in Africa
Crawford Mystery Theatre
Crime Club (vers 1) (unsold)
Crime Club (Vers 2) (unsold)
Crisis (unsold)
Crossroads Avenger (unsold)
Dale Evans Show (unsold)
Dan Raven
Dark Intruder (unsold)
Date with the Angels
David Niven Show
Dean Jones Show (unsold)
Decision, Decision (unsold)
Della (unsold)
Denato & Daughter (unsold)
Dennis Day Show
Dennis O’Keefe Show
Dennis The Menace
Destination Space (unsold)
Diana Rigg Show
Dick Tracy
Dick Van Dyke Show
Ding Howe & Flying Tigers (unsold)
Dobie Gillis (unaired version)
Dr Dan (unsold)
Dollar a Second
Doodles Weaver Show
Down You Go
Do You Trust Your Wife?
Dragnet 1966
Duffy’s Tavern
Dundee & the Culhane
East Side West Side
Ed Wynn Show
87th Precinct
El Coyote (unsold)
Emmett Kelly Show
Eve Arden Show
Everything Money Cant Buy (unsold)
Fibber McGee and Molly
Fireman’s Ball (Unsold)
Fitzgerald & Pride (unsold)
Five Fingers
Flying Nun
Follow that Man
Follow the Sun
For The Defense (unsold)
Frankenstein (unsold)
Frank Sinatra Show (1950)
Frank Sinatra Show (1957)
Freddy Martin Show
Frontier Circus
Front Page Detective
Gale Storm Show
Gang Busters
Garrison’s Gorillas (unaired version)
Gay Nineties Revue
General Electric Theatre
Gentry’s Patrol (unsold)
George Burns Show
George Burns and Gracie Allen Show
Get Christie Love
Get Smart
Ghost Writer (unsold)
Gillette Cavalcade of Sports
Girls Night Out (unsold)
Glass Palace (unsold)
Gomer Pyle USMC
Good Morning World
G.P. (unsold)
Grand Old Opry
Green Hornet
Guestward Ho
Guns of Will Sonnett
Hardesty House (unsold)
Harry-O (vers 1)
Harry-O (vers 2)
Hart of Honolulu (unsold)
Hawaii Five-O
Head of The Family
Hearts of Steel (unsold)
Hell Town
Hercules (1965)
Here Comes The Brides
Here Come The Stars (unsold)
Hey Mulligan
Hogan’s Heroes
Hold that Camera
Hollywood Palace
Home Team (unsold)
Hong Kong
How To Marry A Millionaire (unaired version)
Hudson’s Bay
Human Jungle
Hunter (1977)
Ichabod and Me
I’m Dickens, He’s Fenster
I Dream of Jeannie
I Love Lucy
I Married Joan
I Remember Caviar (unsold)
Inner Sanctum
It Could Be You
Its About Time
It Takes A Thief
I’ve Got a Secret
Jackson And Jill
Jerry Lewis Show (unsold)
Jet Jackson
J.J. Starbuck
Joanna (unsold)
Joe Pine Show
Johnny Midnight
Johnny Moccosin (unsold)
Johnny Nighthawk (unsold)
Johnny Stacatto
Julie Andrews Hour
Juvenile Jury
Key Witness (unsold)
King of Diamonds
Land’s End (unsold)
Land of the Giants (sales Promo Version)
Las Vegas Beat (unsold)
Laughmakers (unsold)
Law and Mr Jones
Law of the Plainsman
Lawrence Welk Show
Lazarus Man
Leathernecks (unsold)
Leave it to Beaver
Legend of Custer
Life is Worth Living
Life of Riley
Life with Luigi
Light in the Fruit Closet (unsold)
Lights Out
Lil Abner (unsold)
Lone Ranger
Lost in Space (unaired version)
Lunch with Soupy Sales
Madam Sin (unsold)
Make Room for Daddy
Make that Spare
Man against Crime
Man from Tallahassee
Man from 25th Century (unsold)
Man in a Suitcase
Mann of Action (unsold)
Man with a Camera
Martin Kane
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
Masquerade Party
Matt Helm
Mayberry RFD
McClain’s Law
McHale’s Navy (unsold version)
McKenzie’s Raiders
Medical Story
Men into Space
Miami Undercover (unsold)
Michael Shayne
Mr. and Mrs. North
Mr & Mrs Ryan (unsold)
Mr Ed (Alan Young)
Mr Ed (vers 1) (unsold)
Mr Ed (ves 2) (unsold)
Mr Ed (vers 3) (unsold)
Mr Lucky
Mr Novak
Mr Terrific
Mountain Man (unsold)
My Boy Goggle (unsold)
My Hero
My Little Margie
My Three Sons
My World & Welcome To It
Name that Tune
NBC Sunday Showcase
New Time Tunnel (unsold)
Night Gallery
Nightmare Café
Nightmares (unsold)
Nightriders (unsold)
Now is Tomorrow (unsold)
Old American Barn Dance
One Step Beyond
Our Miss Brooks
Partridge Family
Pass the Line (unsold)
Patty Duke Show (unaired version)
People are Funny
Perry Mason
Personal Report (unsold)
Peter Gunn
Petticoat Junction
Peyton Place
Pockets Universe
Profiles in Courage
Put it in Writing (unsold)
Rainbow Girl (unsold)
Range Rider
Rat Patrol
Ray Alexander (Pilot 1) (unsold)
Ray Alexander (Pilot 2) (unsold)
Ready & Willing
Real McCoys
Richard Boone Show
Roadblock (unsold)
Room & Bored
Room 222
Roy Rogers Show
Rip Chord (unaired version)
Run for your Life
Salvage 1
Savage (unsold)
Sea Divers (unsold)
Shangri-La (unsold)
Shotgun Slade
Show Wagon (unsold)
Simon Lash (unsold)
Smothers Brothers Show
Soupy Sales Hour (unsold)
Space Angel (unsold)
Starr of the Yankees (unsold)
State Trooper
Steve Canyon
Strange Experience (unsold)
Streets of Beverly Hills (unsold)
Strictly for Laughs (unsold)
Stryker (unsold)
Swiss Family Robinson (1950’s)
Sylvan in Paradise (unsold)
Tag Team
Target: The Corruptors
Temple Houston
Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
Test Pilot (unsold)
Texas John Slaughter
That 70’s Show
The Adventurer (Gene Barry)
The Adventurer (Danova)
The Associates
The Baron
The Beulah Show
The Best Defense
The Big Easy (unsold)
The Big Picture
The Bing Crosby Show
The Bob Newhart Show
The Brady Bunch
The Bureau (unsold)
The Champions
The Decorator (unsold)
The Deputy
The Detectives
The Dinah Shore Show
The Ford Festival
The Fugitive
The Gene Autry Show
The Goldbergs
The Honeymooners
The Hunter
The Immortal
The Incredible Hulk
The Jack Benny Show
The Jail (unsold)
The John Forsythe Show
The John Hopkins Science Review
The Last Precinct
The Liberace Show
The Lucy Show
The Lux Show
The Magician
The Man behind the Badge
The Marshall of Trail City
The Martha Raye Show
The Mighty O
The Mike Wallace Interview
The Milton Berle Show
The Mod Squad
The Morey Amsterdam Show
The Munsters (vers 2)
Then Came Bronson
The Nut House (unsold)
The Odd Couple
The Outcasts
The Outsider
The Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
The Paul Winchell Show
The Perry Como Show
The Phantom (unsold)
The Professor (unsold)
The Pruitts (unaired version)
The Rebel
The Reporters
The Rifleman
The Road West
The Rock (unsold)
The Rookies
The Rough Riders
The Saint in Manhattan (unsold)
The Shadow (unsold)
The Silver Fox (unsold)
The Thin Man
The Third Man
Tickets Please (unsold)
Tom Dick And Harry (unsold)
Trials Of O’Brien
26 Men
Twilight Zone (Desilu Playhouse)
Ugliest Girl In Town
US Border Patrol
Vic N Sade (unsold)
Virginian (1959) (unsold version)
Voyage to Bottom of the Sea
Walter Winchell Show
War of the Worlds (unsold)
Warren Duffy (unsold)
Way Out
We Got Your Number (unsold)
Western Union
What do you Want?
Where’s Poppa?
Where there’s Smokey (unsold)
Who Goes There? (unsold)
Wild Wild West
WKRP in Cincinatti
Wolf Larsen (unsold)
World of Giants
Wyatt Earp
Yancy Derringer
Z Cars

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