Charles Ambruso – Pilot TV Member

I can’t tell you how nice it is to have someone who is listening i appreciate it. When we bought the roku for our extra rooms we were able to cut out a couple of Directv boxes our main satellite box is in the living room,after having the roku a few months i am very dissapointed because i realize that the movies they offer are no different than the ones we get for free on directv on demand and if we want to watch anything good we have to pay for it. I know that you are just starting but there are many people like us who watch all these shows on tv today and just scratch our head.When you can watch a show from 20,30,or 40 years ago and still laugh and enjoy it that is Quality.My sons who are 21 and 18 still love the older shows which is great. I could be wrong but i believe that there is not on channel that offers what we are talking about this could be very profitable to you and when the word spreads it cold be a snow ball effect. I run a pawn shop in Waynesville NC and i can tell you some of our best sellers are the old Nintendo.Atari,Super nintendo and all the classic games these are not bought by older people this is bought by kids and people of all ages to me that’s telling me that after what’s new out we still want to play the classic games which is the same as your shows.I will follow what goes on with your site and can only promise you that if at some time you can bring these shows on not only would we have no problem paying each year but we will tell a lot of people.Again thanks for responding back to me we wish you all the luck.

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