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Head of the Family (The Original Dick Van Dyke Show) was just added to New Releases

2016 Pilots Announced

What is a Pilot?

A Pilot is the very first episode of a potential TV Series. I say potential because most Pilots are not picked up by the Studios and Networks and even though they are Produced, they end up sitting on a shelf. Some of these are lucky enough to become a TV Series and become smash hits. Some of the unlucky ones are great, but their timing wasn’t right. Some of the other unlucky ones are just really bad.

The goal of Pilot TV Network is to have every Pilot on its site, regardless of whether it became a series, failed on pick-up, was just an idea that never got Produced, or is a short trailer. It’s important that you, as the Consumer, have the opportunity to witness how shows are Created and Produced in the Entertainment Business.

Advertising dollars are what steer and Greenlight a lot of TV Shows, but we are now in the age of On-Demand Video. This means that we don’t have to watch a show based on when it airs. We can watch it at a time that’s convenient for us. A lot of people record their shows on DVR and watch it later, while fast forwarding through Advertising. Advertisers try other ways to have their Products seen. Examples are; Product Placement in TV Shows and Movies, Advertising on Free Websites, eliminating DVR capabilities on Cable and Satellite Boxes.

Pilot TV Network charges a small fee for Subscriptions, to be able to provide amazing Content to you, while keeping Advertising away. You will see some old Pilots with Commercials in them, because older shows were owned by the Product. I think you’ll find these Commercials more interesting then not. If Pilot TV Network ever does allow Advertisers to promote their product, it won’t be on any of the Paid Member’s Sections of the site.

Pilot TV

Pilot TV is in the midst of webdesign in order to make an awesome site, for you, the visitor

Please check out our Pilot TV Originals page open to all membership levels

To change your membership level, here’s what you do. When you sign in, up on the top right of your browser, it will say Welcome or Howdy, “your username” When you hover over that click “Edit My Profile“. Once on your profile page you should be able to scroll down and change your membership status. If you are a Bronze member and it won’t let you do this, you may have to wait a few days til it shows up. If you are still having problems we can try a couple more things, but it should work.
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