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You must be logged into Pilot TV in order for everything to get set-up on your Pilot TV Roku Channel please click here to Log Into Pilot TV (You’ll know you are logged in, when it shows your username in the top right corner of your browser)

There are two ways to add The Pilot TV Roku channel. First you must create a Roku account or Log In to your existing Roku account, than you can add The Pilot TV Roku Channel.  You’ll have to go back to the Roku Box connected to your TV and navigate to The Channel Store. Once that loads, exit back to the Home page, your New Channel will load. Second way is go to The Channel Store on your Roku Box and under Movies & TV you will find the Pilot TV Roku channel. Please load this. For detailed instructions on what to do next, please see below.

Enter Roku Code Here


Password for Paid Members

Congratulations, you are almost there. Now that you’ve added the Pilot TV Roku channel, there’s only a few more steps. First thing is click the Pilot TV Channel on your Roku Box, a four digit code will appear. Please go to your computer and make sure you are Logged  Into Pilot TV. After this please navigate back to this page  type in the Roku Code that is currently on your Pilot TV Roku Channel in the box above, click register. When you watch your TV it should say Congratulations. You are now set to stream and watch Pilot TV.

If you are still experiencing problems, please let us know and we will help you through it. Also if you have more than one Roku Box, please let us know, because by default we set you up with only one box, but we can add as many as you need.

Thanks for joining.


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