The 35th President of the United States created a show called Profiles in Courage in Dramas

Mike Connors became famous as Mannix, but did you know in his early work he was known as Touch Connors. You can see him on Personal Report in Dramas Unsold

Check out a very young Larry King in Miami Undercover in Dramas Unsold

333 Montgomery was written by Gene Roddenberry who went on to create Star Trek. This great Pilot starred DeForest Kelley who played Dr. McCoy on Star Trek. In 333 Montgomery he plays Jake Brittin, based on famous defense attorney, Jake Ehrlich

Savage, in Dramas Unsold was directed by what many consider the greatest director of all time, Steven Spielberg

Is it true that there are different versions of the Breaking Bad pilot?

The pilot is about 10 minutes longer than all other episodes, at least in the original version. However, it was shortened for the international broadcasts to have the same length as the other episodes, as was the case with The Walking Dead, for example. These cuts concerned the plot of the episode. Additionally, there is also a lot of alternative or completely new footage. This altered version could be seen e.g. on the UK channel FX. A detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here.

There is also an altered version of the original cut, which features a few censorings like blurred breasts and muted swearings. This version was shown on AMC, where the episodes always can be seen first. However, only one month later IFC showed the same episode “Uncut & Uncensored” to the US audience. A detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here.

10 Minutes into The Leathernecks, you can hear the Wilhelm Scream. Please click the link to learn more.

William Conrad of Cannon fame was the Narrator of The Fugitive

William Daniels of Captain Nice was the voice of Kitt in Knight Rider

Werner Lemperer (Colonel Klink) and John Banner (Schultz) from Hogan’s Heroes were both in an Alfred Hitchcock Presents called Safe Conduct (1956

See Ted Danson in a failed Pilot called Allison Sydney

Edward G. Robinson is in a Pilot called For the Defense

Before Robert Blake became famous at Vitello’s, he was in a Pilot called Hell Town

Don Adams was in Get Smart and Check it Out

Tom Selleck was in a lot of Pilots before Magnum P.I. Watch The Silver Fox

Fred Astaire is in a failed Pilot called The Jail

Find Mickey Rooney in Hey Mulligan

Andy Griffith is in an action packed Pilot called Salvage 1

Charles Bronson is in a great Drama called Empire

Ronald Reagan introduces Ichabod and Me

Charlie’s Dad, Martin Sheen is in the Harry-O Version 1 Pilot

A young Jodie Foster is in the Harry-O Version 2 Pilot

Tony Perkins, Mr. Norman Bates from Psycho is in an unsold Pilot called Ghost Writer

Check out Vincent Price in Key Witness. An unsold Pilot, that you wonder why it’s unsold.

For all you ladies out there, Tom Selleck can be seen in a Pilot called Bunco, without his signature mustache

I was pleasantly surprised to watch Texas John Slaughter, in Westerns, and see it introduced by none other than Walt Disney.

Tom Clancy’s title character, Jack Ryan, was name after John Patrick Ryan, who happens to be Jack Lord (Steve McGarrett), from Hawaii Five-O

Check out Leslie Nielsen in Dark Intruder and Hawaii Five-O

Captain Nice is hilarious, stars William Daniels who has been a regular on Grey’s Anatomy

Robert Wagner is in a great Pilot called Madam Sin. Check it out




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